“As a soccer coach and a former athlete, pilates was the last thing I expected to be doing. "It's a chick thing." Wow, was I wrong! Then I hurt my lower back and after months of intense and sharp pain, physical therapy, and chiropractic work my chiropractor suggested pilates. Hesitantly, I started going. On my second class, I met Stephanie. Stephanie was the instructor and immediately asked the class about injuries. I told her my story and off we went. Throughout the entire workout Stephanie kicked our butts. Any time there was a movement or exercise that had the possibility of hurting/straining me, she was on it. She easily and discretely told me how to modify it. (The discretely was really appreciated being the only male in the class.)

“Since that time, I have been back three times a week. Stephanie is amazing every time and has really helped me with my recovery. For the first time in 6 months I am able to run again. I really think she should go into physical therapy. She is sharp, educated, and an excellent instructor. San Diego is going to miss her.”

- Jordan G.

“I am a very satisfied client of Stephanie’s Pilate teaching.  Stephanie teaches her classes with true passion, she is in tune with her client’s needs.  I find her methods extremely effective, as she is very clear with her instructions and walks around throughout the hour to observe one’s forms.  I’ve been taken Stephanie’s classes for over five months now, I definitely see results from the workout. Because of her commitment to excellence, she doesn’t stop at any stage; she continues to push you and help take you to the next level.   Stephanie is very personal, friendly, and most importantly, she has a natural talent in working with people.  Do not let her easy going personality fool you, she puts you to work.”
- Alice L.

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